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Overwrought and Undercompensated
Beckett/Castle Kink Meme 
26th-Jun-2012 01:35 pm
Castle Beckett
(Just boosting the signal.  Comments turned off here so you'll go take part at the real entry.  :)  )

Originally posted by airbefore at Beckett/Castle Kink Meme
Okay, let's give this a whirl. Hopefully it goes well and we all gets lots of fun fun fun porn out of it. 
Comments should be formatted as follows: 
  • All requests must include either Beckett or Castle or the actors portraying them (Solo, threesomes (or more) are welcome)
  • One prompt per post
  • Prompts can be a single word or a detailed scenario (list of kinks can be found here)
  • RPF is allowed
  • Be respectful and courteous. No bashing or flaming will be allowed.
  • No trolling or spamming 
  • Please try to fill at least one request for every prompt you leave
  • More than one response to a prompt? AWESOME.
  • Anon is on and IP logging is off 
If your fill exceeds LJ comment character limits, feel free to post elsewhere and link. 
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